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Get smart, look spiffy!

My name is Beth Newman - welcome to my site!
First impressions are lasting impressions.  It’s an old cliché but a true one, and in our image-conscious society it’s vital that we put our best foot forward at all times.

Once we put that best foot forward, we must then know how to keep it moving in the right direction.  It's all about communication - insuring that the outer message and the inner message work well together. 

I specialize in communication, pure and simple.  Whether it's fashion, etiquette, writing, etc.,  I can help you send your desired message to the world.  I work with adults and children, so I encourage you to look around this site to see what I may do for you.   Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


With Great Day Houston host Deborah Duncan         Book signing at Lakewood

With fabulous fashionistas at the Dove Self Esteem Workshop at Lakewood Church.

Speaking at Memorial Hermann's Care to Chat Seminar

Speaking at Women, Wine, and Words of Wisdom at Water 2 Wine


I have had the pleasure of knowing Beth Newman for some time now. She is the embodiment and shining example of grace, elegance, and style! She is also kind-hearted and will undoubtedly empower you and your children from the inside - out! I would highly encourage anyone to take the opportunity to work with Beth in any capacity. She doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk! She has an admirable mission to help others be their best, and she is doing exactly that beautifully and successfully. Beth is a blessing in my life, and I assure you that she will be a blessing in yours! - Cari LaGrange Murphy, Best-Selling Author of Create Change Now (

I finally realize the difference between living and living well. Thank you, Beth. You've changed my life! - Christina, Houston

Thank you, Beth, for your sound advice! - Katrina, Dallas

I finally got that promotion I'd been wanting for so long! -Brooke, Houston

Beth Newman is one of the most sincere and positive individuals I've ever encountered. When she expresses her desire for us to look, feel, and live our best, she means it. - Barry, Houston.







I specialize in the following:


Fashion and Style Consultations (Group Sessions Only)
  Wardrobe planning for any occasion
     Dressing on a budget
     Etiquette and the art of social grace
     Dressing for your body type
     Best colors for you
     Winning Working Ways Corporate Seminars
    Girls' Night In Fashion Parties

Private Tutor
    English/Language Arts for grades 3 - adult
    Study Skills for grades 3-12
    Success Strategies for grades 5-12
    First Style Fashion and Etiquette for Girls (see First Style Page for details)

Available now through Amazon!

Contributor for Chic Galleria ( 
Contributor for Gal Time (  
Contributor for Focus on Women (, Sugar Land Scoop, and River Walk Current,


    Motivational speeches 
 for local events 

Television/Radio Contributor
    The Author's Show
    Great Day Houston

Photos by Gabriela Ferrel.

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